New to this.

So, to start off I’m Carly and I work at a Petsmart. To most people, Petsmart is the work of the devil, but to me, since I work there and trust my staff, the animals and customers are treated incredibly. I laid eyes on my Oz within the first week of working there, and by a month and a half in, I decided to get the little guy. I prepared his 40 gallon new home, which is very big but it was free and it was nice. I got his lighting, heating, water bowl, crickets, cricket keeper, hides, reptile carpet, calcium, calcium dish, cricket feed, reptisafe, plants etc and him. Now, Oz is a weird little dude. He never comes out, and honestly I’ve tried everything. I think I was to excited when I first got him and scared the little guy by picking him up and wanting to show him off to people. I’ve since left him alone for a few days but yesterday when I tried to take him out, he climbed off me, onto the floor and hid behind a dusty bookcase. I want a better relationship with the little guy :/ Any who this is my blog to tell you the tales/triumphs/woes and hardships of being a reptile owner and future breeder.